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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Today was an eye opener for me. Here I am, two years into marriage with the love of my life/best friend/other half/all the above and I was taken back. Not in a bad way, but I just realized how much our life has changed since we first got married and how much it is going to continue to evolve as we grow together. Today I was reminded to have patience as I grow and continue my journey to forever with my husband. The road will not always be easy, it may not always be fun, but at the end of the day we have each other.

My husband is currently in grad school for accounting while maintaining his full-time job, not to mention he is a father, a husband, a son, a brother, and friend to many. This semester he is basically a full-time student, leaving very little room for fun outings (socially distanced of course), pool time and other activities we would typically do as a family. I was not bothered by any of that because I knew there was a goal in place, and this was just temporary. With that being said, today I snapped... the trash bin was full for two days and the recycling needed to be taken out, our son was home from daycare because he had a stomach bug, we both were working (from home) and did not take the day off, there were dirty dishes in the sink from the night prior that I could not get to because we were taking care of our sick kiddo and that was just the tip of the iceberg of how things were that morning. The moment I snapped, my husband said to me in the calmest voice ever that he is trying. He is trying his best to stay above water and balance everything in his life right now and he needs me more than ever to help support him. In that moment, I felt guilty, guilty that I snapped, that I complained and that I went off. I am normally such a cool, calm, and collected mom, but I was PMS-ing like crazy! He then told me he had two final exams coming up worth nearly half his grade and quarterly reports are due for work. At that moment, all the things I said seemed so small (not that they were, because to me they did weigh heavy), but in the greater scheme of things, I was brought back to how marriage should be a partnership, a friendship, that one person to lean on when things got tough-ship. It was a beautiful way to highlight just how our marriage is growing and how our love for one another is growing.

I love my hubby you guys!!! This gif is perfect since I am always the one trying to hold hands before we go to sleep :p!

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